Application for the accommodation guarantee

To take part in the housing guarantee, you must be accepted to a course or program of at least 15 credits at Kristianstad University and actively search for housing yourself for 30 days.

Instructions for the search:

1. You must be logged in for it to need to be saved.

2. You fill in your name and other contact details that have not already been filled in and begin the application for a housing guarantee. From the day you start looking, you have 30 days to actively look for a home.

3. When you have received a response from the landlord that you have not found housing, you record this (log) the responses below from the various landlords.

4. For new answers, always log the date you received the answer and not the date you log the answer.

5. After 30 days of active searching, you send in the answer and Kristianstad's student union will then have 30 days to try to find you a place to live.

6. Answers from landlords from whom you have received a no must be proper and descriptive as well as what address the apartment was at so that we can clearly see that you are actively looking for accommodation. Tip is to copy the email you received from the housing company.

7. When 30 days have passed and you have not found a accomodation, click in the box on the application after you have logged your answers and submit the application that you approve your it. It is not possible to top up after you have submitted it. Do not check the box if you have not started logging your answers

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