What is this and how does this work?

To be able to get a home assigned to you by us on the student union, you must be admitted to a course or program of at least 15 credits at Kristianstad University. At the same time, you must also apply for housing yourself and report your searches before we can go ahead and find housing according to the guarantee.

To be able to apply, you must have logged in to this website with your email address in order for it to be saved on the page.


How does the process work?

Register in our form that appears at the first application notice!

1. Search actively for housing in the whole of Kristianstad for 30 days after registration and document your searches in this form which will be available as a tab on this page at the first application notice.

2. Hopefully you have received some type of offer for housing here.


If you have not found a home yourself after 30 days:

1. When you have applied for 30 days without results, fill in this form and send it to the student union.

2. After you have applied for 30 days and sent in your form, the Student Union then has 30 days to find accommodation for you. Accommodation can vary from a furnished room to your own apartment, but the most important thing is that you have a roof over your head.

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